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Crystal Therapy For Pets

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This website is all about how crystal therapy sessions can benefit your pets well being, and bring about a closer and more understanding bond between you and your pet.


Crystal therapy is gentle and non invasive, and suitable for all animals. It creates balance and provides support to the internal healing system.

Animals generally respond well to crystal work, as they seem to have a conscious affinity with them. They will often approach certain crystals that their energy systems need, and will naturally move away when the work is done. They seem to sense the energy from crystals very acutely, and most will happily accept the session work. Others may take a while to get used to the energy, but will generally accept it after a short period of time, as they will soon realise its benefits.

It produces balance and well being in an animal, which kick starts their own bodies healing system, so growth and repair can take place.

Animals are sensitive to our energies. If we feel anxious they feel anxious. Sessions are interactive and help balance you both, and helps you understand your pets needs.

As most of our pets live in our homes then can also be vulnerable like us to Modern diets, electrical appliances in the homes, etc. Crystals are natural and help to redress that imbalance,  

Why Crystal Therapy?

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New for December 2013 . Crystal Essences for Pets.

Four different essences to help support your pet, based on their particular issues. Available now!

£11.00 including postage.

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